BankCard Services Worldwide (BCSW) announced today that its chief operating officer, Vince Arnoldi, has become a co-owner and business partner in the company. Arnoldi now shares ownership with the company’s president and founder, Julie Bruber, and CEO, Jay Bruber.

Arnoldi joined BCSW in 2005 and was promoted to chief operating officer in 2010. He is responsible for day-to-day operations at BCSW, overseeing the company’s internal technical infrastructure and collaboration with key partners and clients.

“Vince has been instrumental in building a world-class operational team at BankCard Services Worldwide,” said Jay Bruber. “With his leadership, our company has created award-winning payment technology.”

“After nine years with BankCard Services Worldwide, I couldn’t be more proud or enthusiastic about venturing forth as a business partner,” said Arnoldi. “Our company is growing and continues to advance in the payment processing industry by delivering leading-edge innovation and customer service excellence.”

Arnoldi graduated from the University of Saint Thomas, in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Finance.